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Faxing and marketing. Together, both of those words seem a little strange or unfamiliar but believe it or not, fax marketing is a thing and it has become a very useful thing in today’s world of rapidly expanding communication, marketing, and technology. Gone are the days of sitting for hours on end, incessantly scanning and faxing a document to multiple numbers at a rate determined by just how fast your arms can work that huge clunky, outdated fax machine. Welcome to, the ‘fast-food’ of online fax marketing.

Believe it or not, fax broadcasting is one of the most effective and direct marketing methods out there, reaching over 100 million large and small businesses globally, that still use fax machines for their everyday communications. These businesses (especially in the medical industry) respond better and faster to fax messages than anything else. With, you’ll be able to effectively market to these businesses through a simple web application, putting you far ahead of your competition. You will be able to upload and manage your fax contact lists, upload your files and send thousands of faxes in just minutes. You will also be able to get detailed reports after every broadcast and also have the ability to personalize every fax message you send with’s ‘Mail Merge’ feature, which is a very nifty and useful little feature to give your broadcasts that extra personal touch!

You can effectively reach millions of fax machines around the world in a few minutes and beat the competition while you’re at it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone through’s hyper-targeted mass faxing system! With over 20 international destinations to choose from, there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding your target audience. Still can’t find the destination you’re looking for? Simply contact and they will work out a deal for you. They are always happy to help you find exactly what you’re searching for!

How does it all work and fit together? Very simply! That’s what I love about, they keep it real simple by having you achieve all of the above in just 4 easy steps, which we’ll take a look at and expand upon below:

1.) Upload your list(s)

So you have your list of numbers and contacts and are now wondering how you can implement your data in’s efficient, well-oiled machine. Well firstly, you can scrap that heavy piece of machinery in your office because you won’t need it! Simply upload your available lists into the platform in ‘.txt’ format at the simple click of a button and you’ll be good to go! Alternatively, if you do not have your own data and lists, you can ask one of the friendly and efficient data analysts at to provide you with a quote based on your
broadcasting needs with their comprehensive and ever-expanding ‘Business Fax Number Lists’. This is their own B2B (business to business) database, covering a wide range of businesses and industries across the global markets. All you need to do is provide them with some simple information based on your needs such as your estimated monthly volume (how many faxes you are looking to send per month) if applicable as well as the businesses and or industries you will be targeting, how many pages each of your faxes will contain as well as which countries you are aiming to reach. Once one of their data analysts has all the relevant information, they can fine-tune the results you’re looking for and provide a great quote at highly competitive rates to really boost you towards your marketing goals in no time at all! Additionally, provides big discounts for regular and high volume senders,
allowing you to save a lot of money in the process! With leverage like that, it’s no wonder why incorporating fax broadcasting into your marketing arsenal can make all the difference!

2.) Upload your fax document(s)

On the platform, once you are done uploading your list(s), simply upload your fax document(s) next. You may upload and manage your document(s) in’.pdf’ or ‘.doc’ format through their very useful and user-friendly ‘document manager’.

3.) Send your campaign

As you’ll see, this is where the rubber really meets the road! Once you are done with the above two steps, you may then simply broadcast your document to one of your lists either as a simple blast or as a ‘Mail Merge’, which automatically allows you to personalize each fax sent as mentioned previously, such as each fax containing the recipient’s name if you so choose.

4.) Get amazing results!

As mentioned before, fax marketing is a direct response marketing tool and is well aware of that! You will see the results of your campaign within 24 – 48 hours and then a continuous flow of data will then follow over a few weeks after that, so you can always keep an eye on your campaign as it progresses and unfolds live on the platform! You will receive highly detailed success/failure reports after the broadcast and will be able to download a ‘.csv’ report after each sending.

Still not convinced is for you? Well, you don’t have to pay a cent in order to find out! Once you register an account on their smooth, well laid-out platform, you will receive a test account, where you will be able to try out their platform free of charge with the credits they will give you. This is great because you will be able to get a feel for the whole process and not worry about wasting money if you feel this service is not for you. With value and support like that, it is no wonder that has over 50 million faxes sent per month, with over 6000 channels and over 1000 clients frequenting the platform and it is still growing. At this point, I feel the numbers speak for themselves!

Speaking of numbers, their pricing plan packages are diverse and best suited for 3 kinds of broadcasting needs, catering to the frequent client to the not so frequent client. Here they are, listed below, together with each of their perks and special inclusions for what you’re paying for:

* Casual

This package is for a fax broadcasting campaign which is under 10,000 fax sends. The rate is €0.1 per page sent and includes the following features:

– List Management
– Mail Merge
– Reporting
– The ability to send 10,000 faxes per hour

* Business

This package is for a fax broadcasting campaign of 100,000 fax sends. The rate is a lowered €0.03 per page sent and includes the following features:

– List Management
– Mail Merge
– Reporting
– The ability to send 100,000 faxes per hour

* Enterprise (Best Value!)

This package is for a fax broadcasting campaign of 500,000 or more fax sends. The rate is an even lower €0.01 per page sent and includes the following features:

– List Management
– Mail Merge
– Reporting
– The ability to send 1,000,000 faxes per hour

But wait, there’s more! Here are some more worthwhile features worth mentioning if you decide to give a go:

Along with Mail Merge, also supports Doc Merge, Newsletter Faxing and Fax Mailing! The highest limit of fax sends the platform boasts of being able to achieve is over 30,000,000! If you plan to send over that gargantuan amount, the platform advises you to inform them so they can keep an eye on your campaign for you as they playfully state, ”Bring it on, we can handle it!”. You will also be able to know once your fax broadcast has been sent as you will receive a ‘fax send’ confirmation to your email address with a success and failure report as mentioned above. You will also be able to see your fax statuses in your fax history. What I love about, is that they provide a safety-net for you in case any of your faxes fail to send during your campaigns. If your fax fails, you will not pay for it and any charged amount will be returned to your balance. only charges for 100% successful sends. They make sure you have plenty peace of mind and a feeling of security before you get started and it’s that kind of attitude that really sets them apart from the rest!

All in all, if you’re looking for your mass broadcast ‘fast-fax’ fix, then is the right kind of fix for you! You never have to worry about kicking your physical fax machine to get it working again when all of its capabilities and more are available online at the push of a few buttons. This platform allows the user to usher in new opportunities for marketing and business expansion with ease, efficiency and a ‘can-do’ attitude that is known for espousing on it’s professional looking, smoothly polished platform. Can it all be
really that simple? The short answer is a resounding YES. With value and more bang for your buck than you can keep up with, truly does set itself apart from the rest!


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